Welcome to my Scholarly Editing, Translating & Writing Work

What I Offer

I edit, translate (German to English) and write non-fiction. Contact: +49 0176 439 77492, E-Mail: henryrholland@gmail.com

I live and work in Hamburg. Recent PUBLICATIONS: Queer Studies transl. for Transcript Publishers of a book by Prof. Martin Gössl, appearing 2025. OWN essay on Nietzschean Marxism + Jonas Čeika 300+ for Nietzsche-POParts. 300+ pages for Vol. 3 and Vol. 4: On Revolution (2019 and 2022) of the Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg (Verso Books), with Vol. 5 and Vol. 6 in press: appearing 2024 + 2025. My OWN peer-reviewed article in German Studies Review, 2023, 46.3: Ernst Bloch, Rudolf Steiner and Contrasting Ways of Knowing.

The editors,
and the translators, deserve nothing but our congratulations and

Review of Vol. 3, Collected Works of Rosa Luxemburg, by Dr. Murray Milgate,
Queens’ College, Cambridge in Contributions to Political Economy, vol. 38(1), 2019